YELLOWWOOD soaps are the best 'bar none'. (REALLY!!) Well...because only the best and
the highest quality wildcrafted essential oils or as I call them "earth oils" are used in every bar of soap, scrub, no poo (dry shampoo) and bath buzzer.

Now some soapanificeurs make a wide range of 'earthy' sounding and colorful soaps...well that's nice but what would be the point if all of those dyes worsen your eczema. Then, all you'd have is a rash, cracked skin, a bill from the dermatologist and some pretty soap 2 sit on your bathroom counter.

Yellowwood's soaps are tinted from the natural ingredients or oils; yellow from turmeric, greens; hemp, sage, rosemary, reds-pinks; cranberry skins, morrocan red clay and dragon blood resin, black-greys from activated charcoal, dead sea clay and brown from coffee, primrose meal and neem oil.

Yellowwood does not use suspension or chemicals that distribute ingredients evenly throughout the soap: dyes, body glitters and exfoliants. Yellowwood's ingredients do settle 2 the bottom, BUT this is what gives the soap its varied and unique method of exfoliation.

Yellowwood Essential Soap. Say YES 2 Natural Soap....and please support our earth by 'going green'--- reduce, reuse and recycle!!